Canary Islands Tuna Fishing

Tuna Fishing in the Canaries is being terribly very productive currently on the terra firma. Every year, in early spring, tuna visit the Islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife y Fuerteventura to feed on sardine, mackerel or anchovies. But this year, tuna fishing is being extremely smart and the anglers area unit having the time of their lives!

Since almost a month currently, our captains are news awe-inspiring fishing journeys catching albacore, bluefin tuna, skipjack, big eye tuna and even yellow fin tuna! Tuna Fishing in the Canary Islands is thus sensiblecurrently, that they do morning journeys and afternoon trips and it isn’t uncommon to catch ten or twenty tuna per boat. Read our daily catch reports on our Facebook page!

If you’re planning your Easter Holidays to the Canary Islands, we advocate booking your fishing journeys in advance, because once you’re there most fishing charters can be absolutely set-aside. … And I’m sure you won’t need to miss this “tuna festival”, right?

Techniques for Tuna Fishing in the Canary Islands

Although you will catch tuna in many alternative ways in which, like chumming and drifting, vertical jigging with heavy tackle, most of the fishing charters in the Canary Islands go trolling to catch these underwater missiles. They use 5 to seven 50lb, 80lb or even 120lb rods and troll big artificial lures behind the boat (imitation rubber squids or created with feathers).

The fishing guides will be perpetually observance the fish finder and conjointly the action on the surface. Many times the ocean gulls can indicate the presence of bait fish. This is where tuna will appear!

Shared charter or private charter?

If you want to travel Tuna Fishing within the fishing in the Canary Islands, you can either book a shared trip and share the prices of the boat with others, or you hire the entire boat for you and your family and/or friends (=private charter). You can go on to the port and appearance for a fishing charter within the Canary Islands, but i might advocate you book your fishing trip up front to secure the boat before you arrive. The fishing charters in the Canary Islands are terribly busy currently and presumably are absolutely set-aside.

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