5 tips to reel with a big fish: Fishing in Marbella

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned the most common fish to catch once active sport fishing in Marbella, Mallorca and other spots in the Mediterranean. Today, we give you with the foremost essential tips for you to relish a made and safe day fishing in your favorite spot.


  • Let the fishing rod do the job

Once you’ve hooked a huge fish, let your fishing rod do the duty. Its water resistance, elasticity, and strength will exhaust the fish. However, do not be rough and fight it gently, but not too a lot of. Without constant resistance the reel can go loose and be ineffectual.

When the fight starts, try rising up your line. But be terribly careful as a result of otherwise, the fish could break your line, specially if it is a giant fish.

Fishing in Marbella: 5 tips to reel with a big fish


  • Pull the reel close to you

An vital step to follow once the fish is already hooked is to slowly rise the reel of your fishing pole, pulling it shut to your body. Aways try to avoid unexpected movements as a result of if you pull too onerous or too quickly your rod will break.

It is also important to contemplate that inform the tip of the rod on the water won’t be effective if there area unit any slacks within the line. This can permit the fish to flee.

Fishing in Marbella: 5 tips to reel with a big fish


  • Optimize the available space

It is not a similar to fish on board or on the coast, since the amount of area obtainable to perform the required fishing moves (throwing the rod, pulling it up towards you,..) is different. On the coast, fishermen can move around freely, but on board the area is restricted. This is why it’s crucial to optimize it. A very helpful technique is to fastly rewind the road once going fowards and swiftness down the method once going backwards.

This technique will be used when fishing any sort of fish, whether huge or tiny. However, always be careful with the road. If it starts to bend repeat the maneuver.



  • Use a harness

Using harness on a boat to fight a giant fish fishing in Marbella is feasible. In fact, it can be extremely useful as a result of it permits you to use your back rather than your arms once reeling, which makes the method a lot of easier.

However, using the harness is not necessary and different fishermen support the burden of the fish by equalization their back and body, instead of using their arms, a weaker part of the body.

The use of harness are some things quite common, and you will see different trained worker with it if you’re fishing in Marbella.

Fishing in Marbella: 5 tips to reel with a big fish


  • Let the fish before you reel in

When the fish is at the good water level (not too deep and not too near the surface), let it swim. It might appearineffectual, but it is the alternative as a result of it tires it. So, once you perceive it starts to swim slower, be prepared and begin reeling in. You will notice it’s easier than simply making an attempt to tug out the rod once the fish still has enough energy to battle.

Fishing in Marbella: 5 tips to reel with a huge fish

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