How to release a fish? Fishing in Mallorca

When you area unit fishing in Mallorca, you have two options: merchandising your catch to the markets or cathartic it and returning it back to the water. If you decide to practice the catch-and-release of fishing methodology there area unit some necessary steps you wish to follow to form certain the fish survives.


  • Play fish fast

It is best to land the fish as fast as doable as a result of fighting it for too long will exhaust it and increase the probabilities of death. Therefore, the is a direct relation between the number of your time spent fighting and also the survival rate.

If you choose the catch and unleash methodology, you should obtain and use a selected gear that permits you to cut back the fighting time.



  • Unhook as quick as possible

If your intention is to release the fish, it is best to stay it within the water and gently remove the hook. Never strive to be rough and rip it out from its mouth as a result of you’ll find yourself remotion the scales of the fish, which protects it from parasites and prevents infections.

One of the materials utilized by experienced anglers to cut back the probabilities of harming and killing the creature area unit pliers, but some additionally use landing nets. For big fish they use a gaff.



  • Get wet and do not touch the gills

When the fish is on the boat, lay it on a wet towel and touch it solely with wet hands. Hower, even with wet hands do not ever touch its most delicate body part: the gills. If you do you may hurt i The safe thanks to handle the fish is by holding it near the top and tail.

Fishing in Mallorca : How to release a fish?


  • Don’t throw the fish into the water

Gently release the fish by softly moving it back and forth to change water to filtre through its gills. After 5 minutes or therefore, the fish can begin moving and will be able to continue swimming on its own.

On the contrary, if no care is taken when returning the fish to the water, it can go into shock associate degreed become an mouth-watering pray for predators swimming round the space.



In Michigan DNR’s video How to properly catch and release a fish you will find a complete guide with all the necessary steps to catch and release your fish carrefully.


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