Fishing in Majorca: Top 5 most dangerous sea creatures in the world

When you are fishing in Majorca and enjoying the good weather, you might not thinkabout the sea creatures that can kill you if you approach them.

Today, we have decided to tell you more about the 5 most dangerous sea creatures in the world. Some of them are foreseeable, inevitable or unexpected. Thanks to this article, you will realize that even if you have caught these creatures and their on your plate ready to eat, the danger is sometimes far from being overcome.


  • The saltwater crocodile

The salwater crocodile is an active member of the large and beautiful family opportunistic predator, he seems to sleep on the water edge and begins to race as soon as you approach close enough for it to eat you. He usually lives in the water but you can also find it on land. This could explain why he run as fast as a human.

Location: In South and East Asia and Oceania. This is good news! You are not going to see it when you are fishing in Majorca.



  • The stonefish

Despite it’s small size (up to 12 inches), this strange looking fish is the most venomous fish in existence. It’s camouflage body, permits it to hide in between the rocks of the reef.

What should worry you the most is this creature’s back. It’s sharp enough to pierce through a shoe so watch where you are walking.

Location: In Reunion, Mauritius and Australia. Like the saltwater crocodile, you’ll not find this specie if you are fishing in Majorca.



  • The fugu

The fugu, as the other pufferfish, produces an extremely deadly toxin, against which there is absolutely no antidote. This toxin is the tetrodotoxin, which paralyzes all muscles and if it is not cured properly, it can kill you in a period of six hours.  

Location: Japan.



  • The blue-ringed octopus

Another very venomous small creature is the blue-ringed octopus. Growing no more than 8 inches in lenght, this cephalopod eats small crabs and shrimp. He also has a special venom that is able to kill a human. In fact, to be more precise, this creature has enough venom to kill 30 humans in only a few minutes. This venom is 10,000 time stronger than cyanideit.

Location: Mainly in Australia, south of the Great Barrier Reef.



  • Seashells Conus

There are two types of seashell conus:

Some of them can sting you and cause you no more than a few hours of pain. However, some others can kill you in less than two hours after completely paralyzing you.

To identify which is which is not easy. In fact, only sea experts can tell. That is why, we suggest you stay away from these creatures when you go scuba diving in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

Location: In the warm waters of the tropical oceans



If you want to know more about the dangerous sea creatures, you could check this article from National Geographic.


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