Fishing Marbella: How to stay safe while angling

Fishing Marbella or in any other mediterranean coast is no fun when anglers get caught in a bad weather and suffer from a nasty cold, when they are exposed to the sun for long periods of time and get sunburnt, and when they do not properly protect themselves from the sharp equipment they carry on board.

All of these disastrous events can be avoided with the tips presented in this article. Next time you go angling, remember to read this list before you set sail.

Daily inspections of the weather forecast

It might seem obvious, but the first rule you need to apply before you go fishing Marbella is to constantly check-up the weather conditions of the spot you have chosen. There is nothing worse than reaching your destination and being surprised by some unexpected showers. As mentioned in a previous article, Weather Pro is one of the best apps for both fishermen and sailors to use.

Protect your skin

If a grey sky does not jinxe your trip, a sunny day will if you do not apply the correct SPF sunscreen on the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.

More often than not, anglers get caught up into the moment of fishing and while they are concentrated on rigging, netting or casting, they forget about protecting themselves from the weather conditions with a high-quality sunscreen, a  cap, sunglasses and gloves.

Carry safety equipment

To ensure total security, anglers should carry a mobile phone in a waterproof case just in case there is an emergency and there is a need for contacting the security guards in the area. However, this is no total guarantee, since you might be fishing in an area where there is no signal. So, take a whistle or a torch. This will help neighbours of the area see or hear you.  

Be careful with fishing lines

Super braid fishing lines can be dangerous if the angler is not careful. While enjoying the cast, anglers may experiment serious cuts when they catch basses and other big fish with a fishing line that does not properly support the entire weight of the sea creature. The solution for this is to protect yourself with some fishing guards or strong tape when fishing Marbella.

Responsible use of sharp objects

High quality blades are always a guarantee of safety because, compared to dull blades, these do not easily bend, therefore the chances of anglers getting cut a less.

Another aspect to consider is keeping the sharp objects in a cupboard or wardrobe on board when they are not being used. If you are kayak fishing and this is not possible, cover the object with a sheath and save it somewhere where it will not disturb.

For more information on the maritime world, check up gCaptain, a website dedicated to building a big community of navigation professionals with the intention of sharing tips, ideas and information, including articles related to boat safety.

If you want to learn more facts about fishing Marbella, Mallorca, or any different coasts in the Mediterranean, visit our blog and website, where you will be able to book a boat trip with us.

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