Fishing in Marbella: The most creepy lake mysteries

When planning a day out fishing in Marbella’s lakes we think about a green and beautiful countryside with a ring of white pines demarking the land and bordering a large lake with cool and calm waters, softly moved by a gentle breeze. However, beneath the calm surface of the lakes sometimes lie mysterious pasts that are lately discovered and told among people during the spookiest night of the year. We provide four of the most creepy and shocking stories.  


Murder in the lake


Coniston Water is one of the largest lakes in the English Lake District and its amazing landscape attracts many tourists and sport lovers, who enjoy soaking up the natural atmosphere that surrounds them. This includes exploring the reefs and living creatures swimming in the depths of the lake.

During an exploration expedition in 1997, two English divers discovered a secret hidden beneath the waters in Coniston Water. While spotting different species, both friends saw a bundle emerging from the dark waters. Just to get a close-up, they discovered that the tightly-wrapped floating object was in fact the dead body of a school teacher that disappeared in 1976. Back then, the police arrested the teacher’s husband, who proclaimed to be innocent from the start. Since no one believed him, he committed suicide in 2010, thereby leaving the mystery yet unsolved.

The Bermudas Triangle of the East


If you ever want to go fishing, choose the Mediterranean Sea and go fishing in Marbella, or even Mallorca, but avoid docking your vessel near the north of Jiangxi Province of China where the lake of death is. Its name comes from the mysterious frequent disappearances of boats and ships. It is the Bermuda’s Triangle of the East.

Every time a vessel has cruised around that area, it has vanished without trace. Not even the sailors and captain on board have been found in the depths of the lake. According to the historical records, since the sixties over 200 boats have disappeared. Marine biologists, scientists and other researches are still investing time and efforts in discovering the cause. Up to now, they still have not found an answer that explains this incredible phenomenon.

The spirit of dead infants


The Pyramid Lake is located in the northeast of Reno (Nevada) and its majestic scenery attracts many worldwide visitors that go there to navigate through its calm and deep waters. However, most of them ignore the spooky legend that locals have been spreading for centuries.  

According to neighbours of the region, at the beginnings of civilisation lived a tribe called Paiute, who’s members had the habit of disposing all the deformed babies that were born into the lake. The reason behind this was the tribe’s need to unite and protect the healthy members from the unpredictable surroundings.

After many centuries, people claim to hear the infants’ spirits crying  below the enormous lake. Although it is more of a legend than a reality, investigators keep searching for answers without luck.

The submerged town


Imagining a city emerging from the deep waters of a lake is more of a fantasy than a reality. Or that is what we tend to think. Capel Celyn was an old rural community with its own history and traditions, but one day in 1956, Liverpool’s City Council decided to  to grow a reservoir and drown the centuries of life of Llyn celyn, without even considering the local’s protests.

After many years buried underwater, when there is a dry spell, many visitors can see the old church’s bell tower rising from beneath as if it was calling for freedom. You might want to check it out in one of your trips fishing in Marbella. If you do, make sure to take pictures.

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