Fishing in Mallorca: 5 species you do not want to encounter

Halloween is almost here and we want to contribute our grain of sand to follow this popular tradition. Therefore, as expert fishermen, we have chosen the five most scary marine animals that you will probably never want to encounter. If you do, keep calm, you cannot find them if you go fishing in Mallorca or the Mediterranean Sea.

Marine Worms


Marine worms can be found in almost all seas and oceans of the world. So, you have probably already swum around an area full of marine worms. These are relatively small, more specifically they measure between 5cm and 50cm. Its appearance and color is not very attractive. However, a lot of scientists are interested in it because it probably possess universal blood.

Frilled shark


The frilled shark is a prehistoric animal with 300 teeth aligned in 25 rows. Scientists also believe that this species has the longest gestation: three years and a half.

Goblin Shark


At first glance, the goblin shark is not very special, except for its long nose. However, when this big monster opens its mouth, you can see its enormouse white teeth. For sure, if you go fishing in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean instead of fishing in Mallorca, you will easily get scared.

This animal can completely detach his upper jaw of the skull. This allows it to swallow large fish without difficulty.



This animal is certainly one of the ugliest and most terrifying known species on Earth. Its name comes from Greek and it means “Trunk Toad”, which suits this beast rather well! Some of the spikes coming out of his body are cartilages, the other half are a kind of spine used to frighten and attack the prey.



This fish lives up to 5.000 meters deep. Due to food scaricity in those levels of the ocean, this type of species eats any species it may encounter along its way. In proportion to its size, it is the animal that has the largest teeth in the world. In fact, ogrefish can not completely close its jaw. Unlike other species that live in the depths of the ocean, the ogrefish is the most ferocious predator.

If you want to know more about the Strange-Looking Sea Creatures, check this article from the National Geographic.

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