Fishing Majorca: How to prevent a shark attack

Shark attacks are rare, but they can occur if swimmers and sailors do not take precaution when enjoying a trip fishing Majorca, Marbella or any other ocean or even saltwater. It is known that sharks not only swim in oceans, they can also be found in any body of water that leads to an ocean. So, whatever the destination, it is essential to be prepared for any shark encounters. In this article we mention all the steps to follow to prevent shark attacks.

Avoid dangerous sea spots


  • Avoid swimming in areas that are frequented by sharks, such as dark waters, channels, and harbour entrances.
  • Do not swim on a cloudy or dark sky because it is when sharks hunt and, therefore, they are more aggressive. Swimming in these conditions also makes it difficult to clearly perceive what surrounds us.
  • Stay close to the beach. The chances of coming across a shark is reduced when staying close to the coast instead of swimming far deep into the ocean.

Swim safely


  • Avoid looking like an attractive prey. Depending on what swimmers wear, sharks can mistake humans for fish. This is what you must never wear when swimming in the ocean:
    • Bright colors such as yellow or orange are usually very attractive for sharks, since they contrast with the surrounding below the ocean. That is why most swimmers and fishermen that go fishing Majorca wear dark colors.
    • Avoid wearing shiny objects such as watches, chains and rings. These tend to reflect and glow, just like the scales of fish.
  • Swim in groups. Hungry sharks go after people that are swimming individually. So, stay close to your friends and family when you go out into the ocean.

  •  Avoid excessive movements. Thrashing and splashing can attract the attention of sharks. So, to be safe, avoid violent movements both on the surface and underwater.  
  • Do not swim with open wounds because sharks have a strong sense of smell and if swimming near your area they might detect the blood coming out of the skin and directly attack you.

How to protect yourself if attacked


  • Detect if the shark is likely to attack by analysing its body language. These are the aggressive signs you must look for in case of encountering a shark:
    • Quick and sharps turns
    • Swimming in circles
    • Erratic movements
    • Gaping mouth
    • Swimming close to the sea floor

Just to get a better idea of how sharks actually move when feeling aggressive, check out this video from Fantasea Dive.

  • Adopt a defensive position. First of all, if you see a shark while fishing Majorca, stay calm – sharks detect fear – and slowly make an exit from the water while keeping your eyes on the shark at all times.

If the shark seems to be keen on attacking you, grab anything you can to defend yourself and put your back to a rock or reef. This will limit the area of attack. Remember to keep on fighting. Never pretend to be dead, this will make the animal think you have been defeated and it will carry on biting. If the shark sees you are courageous and will not easily give up, it will probably get tired and leave.

For more advice, news and curiosities about sharks, check Shark Devocean, a blog created by the marine zoologist Christopher Bird to spread a wider knowledge of these big sea creatures. In his blog he posts videos, news, research articles, photographies and expeditions that shark lovers like him can go on.

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