Fishing in Marbella: Night sailing tips

Many sailors with experience in fishing in Marbella, Mallorca or any other European destination love to challenge themselves by going on a night sailing trip. However, knowing the basics of daylight sailing is no guarantee of succeeding in the night expedition. There are certain facts that need considering. In today’s article we mention these essential tips. Check them out.



  • Prepare for night vision


All the stars in the night sky can be clearly perceived after 12 to 40 minutes, the exact time the eyes need to adapt to night light. However, this time can be decreased if the captain and other crew members that will be in charge of sailing the boat, wear sunglasses just before the sunset. This helps prepare the eyes for the sudden change of light.


  • Plan the night watches


Night sailing requires planning the different night watches each crew member will be in charge of. In case any of the members need help during their night watch, there must always be someone – usually the captain – that can be called on deck at anytime. This specially applies to the inexperienced crew members, who must never be left alone on deck at night. It is preferable that they are accompanied by the captain of the boat, who will guide the instruct the novice into the basics of night sailing.

It is also important to consider that between each nightwatch, the retiring crew should inform the new member about the current situation: weather, sea conditions, traffic, possible hazards, and other useful information.


  1. Avoid collisions at night


At night, objects are blurred and the distance between them seems bigger. Therefore, it is easy for the captain to get confused with the different lights and provoke a collision that endangers the life of all the crew members.

In order to reduce the chances of experiencing such dangerous situations it is advisable to plan the night route in advance and make sure that the members in charge of piloting the vessel have notions of night sailing lights.

If you follow these tips, you will end your night trip safe and sound, which will allow you to enjoy a fun day fishing in Marbella.

  1. Sail handling


Some sailors prefer shortening the sail before sunset to reduce time spent on handling the different sails. For professionals, this is fine, but if it is the first time night sailing, it is important to consider many different factors before you do this:

Sails will have to be handled at some point, even if these are lowered. In order to make the necessary adjustments in as short time as possible you should keep the running rig and the light equipment close to the sails. Make sure to wear life vests and while doing the process.  


  1. Food and clothing


Weather you are sailing up north or south, you cannot avoid the cool sea breeze of the night time. So, if you are planning on going fishing in Marbella or Mallorca after your night sailing trip, remember to keep warm with proper clothing and hot drinks and food. If you do, all the crew members will be happy and who knows, they might even want to experience night sailing again.

These are the basic tips for night sailing, but if you want to know the opinion of many experts, check out this article from Yatching Monthly, a magazine full of useful boat, sailing, and navigation tips for all types of fishermen and sailors.

If you wish to live this amazing experience of night sailing and fishing in Marbella but you need some help planning the trip, contact us or visit our website. We will assess you with anything you may need: boat rental deals, sailing routes, sailing equipment, tips and many more. If you love fishing and learning curious facts, check our blog.

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