Fishing in Mallorca : 5 spots to go diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Diving is one of the most popular activities during the summer holidays and autumn breaks. That is the reason why we offer you a list of nice spots to go diving in Europe. If you have ever been fishing in Mallorca, we will probably have already heard or seen some of this beautiful places.


El Sech Island

We consider this spot the best one. It’s perfect for for both begginers and experienced divers. It’s also a spot with a very important marine wildlife. Groupers, barracuda, octopus, moray and bass are some of the species you will see if you ever go to El Sech. However, check out this article, where we mention all the type of species you can find if you go fishing in Mallorca.

El Sech


Punta Cautius

If you choose to dive in this spot, you will be able to say you have been in the most beautiful submarine landscape in Mallorca. Just like the previous spot, Punta Cautius is suitable for divers that swim at different sea levels. In fact, there there are two different areas connected by sea paths created by the many rocks in the sea. The easiest area to dive in is about 8 meters deep. This area is connected to another area with an avarage depth of 28 meters.


The species you can find in Punta Cautius are pretty much the same as the ones swimming in El Sech. The only different species you can see in this particular area is the ray.  

Punta Cautious


El Toro

This spot is a special one, since it is part of a submarine wildlife reserve. This  offers divers a privileged experience: swiming in 35 metres deep of cristal clear water and viewing an amazing submarine landscape filled with a wide range of species swimming around.


The reef of El Toro is perfect for any type of diver. Whether you are are profesional or a novice, you will be able to dive in perfect conditions and see molas-molas, groupers, and sea-bass.

El Toro


Caves Palma

This spot is ideal for the one who have previously experienced diving but want to challenge themselves and go on a cave diving tour. Your diving experience is going to be amazing because the natural light that filters the waters form Palma’s sea allow to see a beautiful scenery that is a pure delight for the eyes. The most common species found in Palma’s caves are the mackerel, the atlantic bonito and the octopus.

Caves Palma


Palma wrecks

Near to the harbour of Palma you will find several wrecks at a maximum depth of 28 meters. This boat cemetery is composed by two large vessels over 40 meters long and several smaller ones. The maximum depth is 28 meters, but due to low visibility diving is difficult and only the most experienced professionals are allowed to swim all the way down. diving in this area requires applying security measures.


The wrecks are covered with many species of invertebrates and fish. Several cabins, decks, engine rooms are accessible.

Epave Palma


If you want more information related to diving, we advise you to check DIVE Magazine, where you can find videos and articles about diving all around the world.


We really hope that this article encourages you to try out the experience of diving when you go fishing in Mallorca. If you want information about fish and fishing spots in Spain, visit our blog and website, where you will be able to book your next trip to any of the Mediterranean islands.

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