5 healthy benefits of fishing in Mallorca

It is common to consider fishing in Mallorca a very monotonous and boring activity that involves sitting on a deck for a long time, waiting for a fish to get hooked. However, if you ask any experienced fisherman they will actually disagree on this. To them, fishing is much more; it is a healthy hobby with tons of benefits for the lungs, heart and mind. Check them out in the list below.


  1. Get fit


As unreal as it may seem, all fishermen are sportsmen. Just like football, basketball or swimming, fishing also involves exercising many muscles that we are often not use to building up. Rowing until we find the perfect spot, throwing and holding the rod for long periods of time, and fighting with the prey to pull it out from the sea, are activities that can only be achieved with previous training.


  1. Stress Relief


Spending the day outdoors is what angler’s enjoy the most about fishing in Mallorca, Marbella or any other place in the Mediterranean Sea. Being in contact with nature stimulates the mind, helps reduce the levels of stress we experience on our daily lives, and according to many natural therapies, it also lowers our blood pressure. So, as you can see, fishing promotes a healthy lifestyle. Try it out and experience it yourself! Your body will thank you for the treat.


  1. Sharing the experience


If being in contact with nature is self-stimulatory, imagine how great can the experience be if shared with family and friends. Bonding together while waiting the fish to hook, teaching your son how to throw the rod properly, or pulling out the beast from the water can strengthen relationships and  help others experience the same benefits.

  1. Food for your heart and brain


Fish contains the essential fatty acids that the body needs but cannot produce itself. One of these is omega-3, which helps reduce the levels of blood pressure and lower the risk of heart strokes. Research shows that fish is also good for your eyesight, for your skin – it protects from UV-rays – and it provides a high dose of vitamin C. What more can you ask for?

  1. Practice your patience


Whether alone or in groups, fishing requires patience, lots of it. But this should not be interpreted as a bad thing, on the contrary, fishing helps you to keep focused on one same thing.

In a world where globalisation is constantly increasing and multitasking is becoming a highly demanded ability, it is more difficult to concentrate on a particular thing. So, seize any chance you have to go fishing in Mallorca and avoid thinking about too many things at once. You will feel relieved.

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Now that you know what the benefits of fishing are, why not plan a trip to go fishing in Mallorca, Marbella or any other Mediterranean island? If you need to know about all the possible destinations that can be accessed to by boat, contact us. For information about marine safety, equipment and techniques, check out blog.

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