Fishing in Majorca: Tips for pond fishing

Pond fishing in Majorca or any other part of the world is a great activity for you to enjoy alone or with your family. It is relaxing, easier than sea fishing and it is cheap. What else can you ask for? So, if you are looking for a sunday activity for this fall, try out pond fishing. We provide you with some essential tips to ensure a successful catch.

Fish in the right zone


Before you get into business, you need to consider that pond fishing is a fishing method that occurs in the photic zone or sunlight zone, the area where aquatic plants live across the entire length and width of the pond, both above and below its surface.

Fish love to swim around the dock (or similar structures), downed trees (or other submerged objects) and in between the weeds, where they find protection and shade. So, when you go pond fishing, remember to throw the fishing rod in these spots. Soon enough a fish will have bitten the bait.

Stay out of sight


Even though fish hide in between the algae and other aquatic plants, they can still sense or even see you, because water vibrations in ponds are spread faster throughout the entire body of water. Therefore, you must approach quietly to the pond and avoid making any noisy movements. You can even put on a camouflage suit that matches the environment that surrounds you.

Choose the right time to fish


The best times for pond fishing in autumn are early mornings and late evenings. These are the moments when fish come out of their shelters and search for food to eat. So, it is key to take note of this tip and apply it in your next pond fishing adventure.

What to expect?


Not all fish at sea, and not all fish live in ponds. There are particular species you can only find in freshwaters, and in the case of ponds, the most common are: Achondrostoma, Spanish toothcarp, Catalonian barbel, Anaecypris hispanica, and many others. So, the next time you go fishing in Majorca, you will know what to fish and, if you practice, you will also know how to fish it.

Follow the flock of ducks


Fish love following ducks and swimming up to the surface where visitors are throwing bread crumbs to these. So, if you are in a pond full of ducks, make sure you fish around them. This will ensure a successful fishing catch.

Use an ultra-light rod


In a small place like ponds, it is convenient to use a rod that is less than 6’ because it will make it easier to catch a fish that is hiding in between the plants and structures. Some fishermen specifically recommend buying an ultra-light rod, which is the best option for pond fishing, but it is important to learn how to use it. So check out this video from Fishing with Rod, where an experienced fisherman gives his own tips on how to fish with an ultralight fishing rod.

If you want to learn more about rods – its history, the many types there are and which ones to use depending on the fish you want to catch – check out Freshwater Fishing, a website where Jason and his wife deliver all the useful tips any novice or professional must know before fishing in freshwaters.

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