Fishing Majorca: 5 Fishing knots you must know

Learning the basic knots for keeping your boat secured at sea and avoid drowning when you go out fishing Majorca is as important as knowing the most essential fishing knots. In fact, your fishing success will depend on your ability to identify and perform the right knot in the right situation. This is why we have chosen 5 basic must-know knots for every novice fisherman to practice. It will take you some time but once you get the hang of it, fishing will become an easy and pleasant sunday activity.

Blood knot


This type of fishing knot is commonly used for joining two similar-sized sections of fishing lines such as the tippet and the leader. Compared to other knots used for this purpose, the blood knot helps maintain most of the line’s inherent strength, specially if it is used for fly fishing. In fact, many fly fishing experts consider this knot to be their favourite, which is no surprise, since it is easy to learn and do. Check this video and try it out!


Palomar knot



Even those who are not fond of fishing know that one of the main fishing basics is tying the line to the hook. However, choosing the most useful knot is an ability only reserved for professionals. According to these, the palomar knot is the most effective knot for attaching the hook and line together, and tying the fly to the leader or tippet. Whichever you intention, you must know that it is best to perform this knot on a braided fishing line. So, go grab some and start practicing! You will soon see it is easier to do than it actually seems.


Clinch knot


This type of knot has the exact same purpose as the Palomar knot, with the difference that it is not suitable for tying in lines that support more than 25 pounds. It is also quick and easy to perform, that is why it is so popular among fishermen when securing the fishing line to a hook, lure, or a swivel.

Surgeon’s knot


If the fisherman’s intention is to join two lines of unequal diameter, the best option is the Surgeon’s knot, which also allows to join lines of different material.

Curiously enough, this knot is tied as a double handed knot, and in order to achieve a total line strength the four strands must be pulled to properly fasten the knot. However, security will be ensured with the Triple Surgeon’s knot, another version of the Surgeon’s knot, which is achieved by wrapping the loop of the Double Handed knot three more times.

Arbor knot


One of the most important things when fishing is to have a strong knot to hold the reel and avoid this one from going overboard when a big fish pulls the rod deep down the water. The Arbor knot is perfect for this; it is simple to learn and do, plus is proved to be among the most effective. It also has many other versions of it that in certain situations might work best.

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Now that you know the basics on fishing knots, why not enjoy the weekend fishing Majorca? It is the perfect opportunity for you to practice and share tips with your fishing friends. If you need any tips on the best places to fish or itineraries to follow during your sailing trips, visit our website and contact us. We are always glad to help passionate fishermen like us.

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