Fishing in Mallorca: Curious Fish Species

Your dear little goldfish has lost its brilliant original color and you are now thinking about getting  rid of it? Before committing the irreparable (fish definitely not like the flush), check this ranking. Your fish will regain all its charm and you’ll find it lovely again. The following list of 5 fish that you probably prefer to have in photos than for dinner. You can find some of them if you are fishing in Mallorca.



  • Blobfish


The blobfish, which lives in the deep waters of the Tasmanian and Australian costs, is very known thanks to its special appearance. You could also find it in the waters of New Zealand, but there is no chance at all to find it when you are fishing in Mallorca!

Fishing in Mallorca 2


  • Sunfish


The ocean sunfish is the heaviest fish in the ocean. It can weigh between 250-1000kg. This is a well known fish among the most experienced fishermen. You can find it all around the world, in the tropical and temperate waters. In this case, you have a chance of coming across it if you are fishing in Mallorca or Marbella. This fish is also known because it can be as tall as its weight.  

Fishing in Mallorca 3


  • Anglerfish


The anglerfish is one of the most interesting fish. It lives in all the oceans all around the world. Its most famous characteristic is to be a fish with a lantern at the end of its head. This fish is distributed in all the oceans, and it has a precious place in the ecological system.

The lantern is used for diurnal vertical migration, which means heading to the shallow waters during the night and to the deep waters during the day.

Fishing in Mallorca 4


  • Dragonfish


Let us now introduce to you the most effrayant fish we’ve ever seen. Its called the dragonfish. It lives in the deep waters (around 3.000m) of the worldwide ocean. The dragonfish has a proportional huge mouth because it captures bigger fish than it. Indeed, the dragonfish is a really small fish, it measures no more than 50cm.

This fish is also known because it looks like the creature of the movie “Alien”. Because of its large distribution in the tropical waters and even the polar zone, you are susceptible to find it at least once in your life.

Fishing in Mallorca 8


  • Parrotfish


Our last choice, is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It is named the parrotfish because of its resemblance to a parrot, with colorful fish scales. Its a fish that you won’t probably find in the Mediterranean if you are fishing in Mallorca, you can only find it near the reefs. It’s one of the most colorful fish in the world.
fishing in mallorca 9

As a good example to learn more about a curious specie, you could check Peter Miller Fishing’s page, which is going to give you more information and tips about what is called “big fish”.


You are probably not going to find all these fish species if you are fishing in Mallorca or Marbella. But to find as many species as possible, you can book your fishing trip in our website. If you also need some details or want to know more about sailing tips check our blog.


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