Fishing in Marbella: The best fishing spots in the world

Fishing is no fun without planning a big trip far away from home, whether this means going to the Mediterranean sea and fishing in Marbella or crossing the entire globe and enjoying your cast in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But, before rushing out the door with your equipment fully prepared, stop and think: What place do you want to go to? Depending on the season, the country, the type of ocea, sea or river, your outfits will be different and the rod, and bait you put in the backpack will also vary. Check out these amazing places and choose the perfect one for you!

River Tweed (Scotland)


Fishermen and Fishmongers agree on Scotland being one of the world’s top spots for freshwater fishing. Throughout the entire country, whether it is summer or winter, you can find one of the best type of salmons: the Atlantic Salmon.


Among all the breathtaking locations, the River Tweed has to be our favourite. This picturesque natural destination gathers thousands of international angles every single year; these come in search for catching the most amazing salmons in the world, and also some nice and big brown trouts and graylings.


If you have made your mind up and you want to try fishing in the river Tweed, remember to book a place from February to November. During this period, although it is peak season, there weather is cool and FishPal can provide online bookings and general information for anglers.




Located in the North Atlantic Ocean close to North America, this British territory is very popular amongst those anglers who wish to test their fishing skills. In Bermuda, even the most experienced have to strain every nerve they have in order to defeat a monster Marlin, a Wahoo or a yellow fish tuna. These are the three fishing species most caught around the Bermudas seas during the peak months (June, July, August).

If your hometown is located in Europe, Bermudas is pretty far away but that must not keep you from going there. It is truly recommendable and if you plan in advance you can choose the entire itinerary. Think about the amazing crystal beaches, its the proximity to the United States. You can always plan a summer holiday across the other side of the world instead. If you prefer staying close, try fishing in Marbella.

River Irfon (Wales)


The idyllic option for a couple of fishing and non-fishing lover is the river Irfon in Llangammarch Wells, a village in the parish of Llangamarch (Wales). Fishing in this spot is a treat for all your senses. While you are waiting for a trout, salmon or gayling to bite the hook, you can enjoy the peaceful sound of birds tweeting, and the water flowing.

If your companion is not very keen on fishing, he or she can also enjoy the scenery by walking the trails that surround Irfon river or bathing in one of the most luxurious jacuzzis in The Lake House & Spa.

Ultimately, River Ifon is the an excellent spot for those in need of a break that allows them to enjoy the most beautiful and soul-nourishing places in the entire world.


Whitby (England)


This little harbour town in England has the oldest fishing ports in the country and it is perfect for fishing Cod, Bass, Flounder and other fishing species during the summer season. So, if you prefer the cool weather and you want to escape the southern heat, raise your sail and head up north. The enchants this destination hides are immense: other than the harbour and the variety of fishing species, Whitby also has tons of fishing stories that turn the town into a fairytale land. Apparently, Captain James Cook became a seaman in Whitby after working in a small shop in town.


Belize (Central America)




If your goal is to catch bonefish, permit and tarpon, your destination is Belize, a country bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. Anytime of the year, fisherman can catch these fish in greater numbers. This is due to its neo-tropical climate, which is characterised by varying no more that 10 degrees all year round. However, the big-size fish are found in other parts of the world.


Considering its standard climate, Belize is perfect for all those who want to head to a tropical country and have limited holiday periods. Even though this might not be the best time for you to visit Belize, keep this fishing location in mind; you might be able to enjoy its scenery in a few years. However, for now you can also enjoy a nice and warm climate if you go fishing in Marbella.


These are the 5 most amazing spots to enjoy fishing around many different countries around the world. However, if you find it difficult to plan a fishing trip in the near future, don’t hesitate, the Mediterranean is full of magical places to visit in autumn and winter. One of our favourite activities to do in the Spanish coast is fishing in Marbella. Give it a try!


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