How to avoid motion sickness when fishing in Marbella

Travelling by boat is certainly an experience worth living, at least once. The problem is that many people aren’t attracted by the idea. Why? Either because they have once suffered motion sickness or they have heard this type of sickness can spoil a sailing trip fishing in Marbella. Whatever the reason, it is important to know it has a solution. But first of all, it is best to consider the causes and symptoms.


If travelling on a boat, a cruise ship or another water-borne form of transportation, our visual and auditive systems come into conflict: while our ears perceive the movement of the waves and send the information to the brain, our eyes do not. This lack of synchronicity between both sensorial systems causes nausea, vomiting, dizziness, salivation, and sweating.


In order to avoid these symptoms, consider these following tips:


  • Keep your sight fixed on the horizon


The best thing to do to combat the lack of synchronicity produced between the visual and auditive system is to stand on the front part of the deck and stare at the horizon. This allows both our eyes and ears to perceive the same sense of movement.


  • Close your eyes

If the horizon is not clearly visible due to bad weather, try finding the perfect spot on board to lay down and close your eyes. This will reduce the sense of dizziness, since the brain will not be receiving any kind of information from the eyes.



  • Acupuncture on your wrist


A way to avoid the nausea caused by seasickness is to use one of the most traditional and ancient Chinese medicines: acupuncture. It is believed that applying finger and hand pressure on the inside of the wrist stimulates this part of the body and makes you forget about the discomfort. There are many other points of the body that can be pressured in order to heal but the P6 points or Nei Kuan points (located on the inner wrist) are considered the most effective.


If you want to learn step by step how to actually apply this healing method visit the Ying Yang House, a site that offers up to date content related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).



  • Eat but not too much


It is best if you start your journey at sea with a full tummy. There is no exact specification on what to eat, but it is advisable to avoid greasy, spicy and acid food, and ingest carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, biscuits, and others. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices will also reduce the possibilities of suffering motion sickness while you are enjoying fishing in Marbella.  



  • Stay in the bow


The forward part of the hull of a ship is the best place to be in order to avoid or reduce motion sickness on board. This side of the boat, considered to be the area that favours less swing, allows us to see the direction we are following and avoid the heat.



  • Relax


It is that simple! Anxiety won’t help you in any way. In fact, it will increase your chances of becoming seasick. Why don’t you try thinking about all the exciting activities you have planned to do during your trip, or get a friend to distract you with curiosities or games. Life on board is too fun to fill your mind with negative thoughts!



  • Planned the route in advance


In case the previous tip was not entirely convincing, try planning your ‘fishing in Marbella’ route beforehand, especially if you know you are prone to get seasick. The advantage this offers is that you can select an itinerary that goes through calm waters. The Mediterranean sea is filled with beautiful coasts with clear and calm waters. An example is Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. Check it out!


Now that you know how to act in case of motion sickness, pull up your sails and go fishing in Marbella or any other coast in the mediterranean sea.


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